Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Big Facebook sees you!

So came the day when I "am on Facebook". There is a reason for this, really. A long-time friend of mine recently joined FB, but it wasn't quite as expected, so she contacted her permanent software support which happens to be me. Actually her problem was all the people friending her and cluttering her wall by sending her stupid stuff. So I decided to get my own account so I could see if there was a way to turn that down without alienating her real friends.

That's not the shocking part. You know that if there is a crazy thing, I will likely do it sooner or later. That is as expected. No, the shocking part is where I am just signing up and Facebook throws up a bunch of pictures and says that these might be my friends. And some of them are. Well, since I have never seen the face of a lot of you, and you have many different names depending on who you talk to, there may be more. But those I recognized were all from a mailing list that is pretty obscure. It was kind of nice finding them that easily, but it was not kind of nice that Facebook had a list of my potential friends before I even signed up. Needless to say, when they later asked me for the password to my gmail account, I was like AS IF!!
Tags: internet
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