Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

More Last.FM fail

Last.FM for Android is only available in selected countries. Even though it does nothing suspicious that the Last.FM Internet client doesn't do already.

That's the third major fail since CBS bought up Last.FM. The previous was no longer accepting credit cards for subscription payment, only paypal. Before that, they set up the subscription price and closed the free version to a number of countries (or tried, at least). Ironically, I had a paid subscription when it was free. I have let it lapse now, and this is one more nail in the coffin.

Luckily, Imeem is still alive and eager to please. It was even featured download on the Android Market today, when I went looking (in vain) for Last.FM. Good timing!

(Although the battery in the HTC Hero doesn't last for many hours of music playing, it can certainly be used for any realistic daily commute or jogging run.)
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