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ADSL! NaNoWriMo!

Today is my lucky day. In the morning I was woken by the phone, but did not catch it. No matter: While I was still preparing myself for the day, the doorbell rang. Phone guy came to remove my old severely outdated double analog phone line to give room for ADSL. In the afternoon, I went to post office and got the new ADSL modem. Neither the phone line nor the "modem" had worked. I tried to connect, but was refused. In a moment of inspiration, I wrote my entire e-mail addy instead of just my username in the field marked "username": Lo and behold, I now have ADSL. It is indeed faster (when not depending on American bottlenecks) and best of all, I can stay online all the time at no extra cost, a rarity here in Europe.

Not that I am going to be active online at all times, mind you. Wrote 2300 words of NaNoWriMo before even going to work. I'm now in the middle of introducing the conservative Christian boy and the succubus, and it is quite fun. (I intend the whole novel to be Teen rated at worst ... nothing worse than you could risk seeing in The Sims. So don't get too excited. ^_^)

Oh yes, and I sat beside a soft and warm girl on the bus home. Admittedly I slept most of the time, but it still counts as a good thing, right?

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