Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

iPhone 3GS sold out in Norway

Hours after launch. (Source:, in Norwegian)

We've seen suspiciously similar events before, although usually with Japanese products. It may well be an intentional marketing ploy: By only supplying small quantities at first, they can get headlines that make it look like the product is enormously popular. (Although in this case, it probably would be enormously popular anyway.) Free marketing, and it even looks like it is not coming from them!

I bought a HTC Hero. (Although I still think of it as [TLA] Hero. What's with the fetish for unprounonceability in this market?) TO THE GOOGLEPHONE!!!11

I think I need a mobile phone icon. Perhaps I can make one from Tokyo Mag 8, where the girl types "The world should just break" on her phone right before the quake hits.
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