Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

The bradycardia bunch

My pulse was almost down to 50 this morning. That's low even for me, although 55 is pretty normal if my body is not fighting an infection or repairing itself after training. I suspect eating less than usual yesterday plays in too, digestion is hard work actually.

According to my oldest brother, bradycardia (heart slowness) runs in the family. Given the health of the family in general, that does not really worry me. I wonder if it is related to my fainting every other year or so, however. Not that the doctors found anything strange the three times they measured my heart. Then again they may think I am some kind of athlete, what with the combination of low heart rate and not being fat. If so they are sadly mistaken.

Anyway, the situation is thoroughly corrected after three quarters of manual lawnmowing.
Tags: health
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