Magnus Itland (itlandm) wrote,
Magnus Itland

Political economy

Obama says stimulus plan to kick in later this year (Reuters)

No shit. I know Republicans are honor-bound to disagree with everything the Great Prince of the Dark says, but... seriously, you guys. Of course you can't expect this to have much effect in four months. You can't just open the window and yell "Hey you guys come and fix up this derelict schoolhouse". There are bidding rounds that must be held, contracts that must be signed, detailed plans that must be made. Don't even get me started on actually building something new, like a road or a dam. It will take YEARS - at which time the recession could be over, although I hope not. I hope this recession never ends, but instead turns into a permanent adaptation to reality. But enough about that.

The only thing that works right away is food stamps and such. All else takes more or less time.

The real problem with the huge stimulus pack, as I see it, is that you basically send the bill to your kids. Shouldn't the generation that had the party also clean up?
Tags: economy, politics
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