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Three favorites

My favorite MMORPG: City of Heroes. I played it from the closed beta till it closed last night.
My favorite character: Sun's Bright Hand, fire tanker. "To defeat the men of Darkness with the Light."
My favorite song: "The end of the world", by Angela. (Quote translated from Japanese.)

It's a happy New Year!

Well, it certainly is so far. I woke up after 9 hours still wearing my shirt from yesterday. And I was in my bed, so that is good.

Had two gigabytes download quota left on my tablet last evening and nothing good to download.  #zerothworldproblems
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My paid account is expiring. I think it is fair to let it do so, since I rarely post here. I kind of sympathize with LJ as they become victims of political attacks, but on the other hand I have liked them less and less for every passing year since the original team sold out. There is something sneaky and underhanded about this service that just disgusts me. I stuck with it because it was the only place you could write more than 140 characters and have a good chance of being read. Now there is Google+, and while I don't support their War on Nyms, they are at least treating me like an adult.

So, not quite disappearing yet, but kind of slowly fading I guess.
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Temperature absurdity

This past winter, a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius was just warm enough to not feel uncomfortable in thick socks, thick trousers, thick shirt and thick pullover.

Now in summer, 23 degrees Celsius feels just cool enough to not feel uncomfortable in thin socks and boxers.

That's just not right, no matter how you look at it. I could translate these numbers into Fahrenheit but that would not really change the logic. And no, I am not burning much more calories, because my pulse is within the same range.

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